Rodeo Volunteer Positions


Brandy Slaughter

Rodeo Coordinator:

        Work with Rodeo facility to determine price/availability of stalls/campsites

        Cost of tickets and how many each family receives if we are doing a gate

        Line up Rescue Squad

        Work with permitting if necessary

        Food vendor if needed

        Line up porta-potties if needed

        If multi state determine if we will be giving out all around or event awards

        Student officers: Are they doing any special activities (fundraisers/potluck/dance/etc.)

        Work with Rodeo Secretary to get information to members



Shelenea Harris

 (540) 267-6342

Volunteer Coordinator:

        Use the volunteer link to determine if we are missing any volunteers

        Line up missing volunteers

        Track who has volunteered

        Advise members if missing volunteer time



Katina Blackstone

Coordinator for out of state Rodeos:

        Determine deadlines for when information is due

        Collect paperwork and money for out of state rodeos (email treasurer when deposits or made or give money to treasurer or one of the State Secretaries)

        Submit information to other State



Tina VanHolten

Rodeo Secretary

        Stock draw at Rodeos

        Expense sheet for rodeo

        Line up main timers for Rodeo

        Work with Rodeo Coordinator to get information to contestants

        Call in sheets to check in secretaries

        Contestant draw

        Provide information to stock contractor on entries

        Collect extra ticket counts/stall count/campsite count if not done during a call in (so she can put it into check in sheets for collection of monies)